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General Terms

These Terms govern the relationship between sellers and consumers

(customers) who use the electron shop: www. slimfood. bg to purchase

goods. By clicking on an object, image, link (different from that of General

Terms) or a button situated on the website you accept

or you agree with terms and conditions described below. Present General

Terms comply with the requirements of the Law on Consumer Protection

(LCP), as well as with other regulations in force in Republic of Bulgaria.


„SELLER”   is the internet site:, which is ‘DENIRA’ LTD

ownership and serves as virtual platform of selling goods. Seller is that

person the Consumer enters into agreement with. The agreement is for

distance selling of a specific product (item) in the e-shop.

„CONSUMER” is a competent person which has accepted the present

General Terms in relation to  ordering and purchasing goods offered in

the online shop.

„E-SHOP” is the internet site:, serving as a virtual

platform of offering goods for sale and serving also for achieving an

agreement between SELLER and CONSUMER in regard of order and sale

of a particular product (item).

‘DENIRA’ LTD is a trading company with Unified ID Code /EIK/:

123574795, with a business address: town of Veliko Tarnovo, 7”Mosko

Moskov”str. The company establishes and maintains the online shop,

offers and sells products in the shop and determines these Terms

according to which goods are sold."DENIRA" LTD has the full right to

unilaterally change the content of the website and methods of accessing


‘ORDER’ is a request made by Consumer in the online shop to purchase

one or more specific goods (items). Once approved by email or phone, the

order is packed and sent via courier to the address previously specified

by the Customer in the contract. Approval by email happens through

sending a confirmation email. Approval by phone can be done after a

call for confirmation from the online shop official.

„AGREEMENT FOR SALE” is a contract between the Seller and Consumer

for the sale and purchase of goods and it is concluded through this online

shop at a distance.

"COURIER" is a trader who physically delivers the purchased goods to the

address specified by the Consumer and works with the requirements of

the Postal Services Act.


2.1. You can browse through the online shop

completely free from all parts of the world.

2.2. To purchase from e-shop one must be registered

with a password and e-mail or name of the recipient, e-mail, telephone

and delivery address. Registration is absolutely free by filling out the

registration form. Registered client is able to benefit from all the services

of the shop.

2.3. Consumer must specify e-mail and password, personal data and

delivery addresses.

2.4. DENIRA LTD is not a registered personal data administrator within

the meaning of Persona Data Protection Act and collects, processes and

uses its consumers personal data until the shipment of the goods that

consumers have ordered and paid. Consumer Personal data is not shared

with third parties.

2.5. In the e-shop each product has a specified price,

main characteristics and additional information aimed at promoting the

rights of an informed choice upon product purchase. On each page of a

presented product, consumers can give opinion and

evaluation as well.

2.6. All prices listed on the site are in Levs/BGN/ and Euro including VAT.



3.1. To make an e-shop order The Consumer shall specify:

3.1.1. Valid e-mail address;

3.1.2. Correctly filled in address for delivery of the goods and invoicing;

3.1.3. Correctly filled in contact data- two names and telephone

3.3. Upon successful order, the consumer receives an order confirmation

by email to the indicated email address. In the confirmation e-mail the

following is stated: the goods ordered, the order number, date and time

when the order was made.

3.4. If the ordered product is not available, the consultant shall notify the

Consumer. If the Consumer does not agree with this the order to be

referred to other goods (similar model)the order may be canceled.

3.5. Orders in electronic shop are accepted 24 hours a

day, 7 days a week.

3.6 Working hours of online shop consultants are: 

Monday- Friday: 09.00 a.m- 5.00 p.m. Saturday: 10.00 a.m.- 02.00 p.m.

Day off: Sunday


4.1. After in an order from a Consumer comes in,

automated system of electronic shop notifies the Consumer by email for

successfully accepted order.

4.2. Only successfully accepted orders are delivered. When ordered goods

are packed, the user is notified by email that the goods are forwarded to

the courier for transportation to the appropriate address.

4.3. Ordered goods will not be delivered on Sunday and public holidays.

4.3.1. Normal Shipping - within 5 (five) working days of the order


4.4. The seller uses a courier company "Speedy" AD for supplies   and

usual hours for delivery are from 9.00 a.m.till 05.30 p.m.

4.5. Delivery is made to an address exactly specified by The consumer

(independently of whether it is residential or business) or to an office of

"Speedy" AD in the respective town.

4.6. Delivery prices are specified on each product page in ‘Delivery and

Payment’ column.

4.7. Each shipment is insured, and the insurance is at the expense of


4.8. If the Consumer does not provide access and conditions for delivery

of the goods at the address in specified period or does not go to the

specified office of "Speedy" AD to receive the goods in time, if the latter

option is selected, the Seller shall be released from the obligation to

implement the stated delivery.


5.1. The ordered goods payment might be done by two separate

methods or by a combination of two methods and despite of the chosen

method the amount to be paid is the same and additional fees for

payment processing are not charged.

5.1.1. With "cash on delivery" - payment in cash to the courier upon


5.1.2. By credit or a debit card;

5.2. For each ordered product consumer has to pay the price that is

quoted in the online shop at the time of order. The price of each product

can be changed dynamically.



8.1. Consumer is entitled to claim or return purchased by e-shop goods

within 7 days of receipt of goods.

8.2. Withdrawal can be made before courier upon delivery if goods are

delivered after the specified time due to reasons that are outside the

Consumer and are not due to force majeure.

8.3. When there is a withdrawal the Consumer is obliged to give back the

purchased goods in a non- damaged packaging and with well preserved


8.4. Upon canceling the contract if the Consumer has paid the goods, to

him in the bank account he indicated shall be refunded the amount paid

for returned goods within 15 / fifteen / days after the return of the

goods. Sums shall not be reimbursed until the Consumer returns the

goods. If the goods are not returned within the period under paragraph

8.1., the agreement withdrawal has no effect.

8.5. Reclamation shall be made when the purchased goods do not comply

with selling agreement between the parties. The discrepancy in the

agreement between parties can be expressed as:

• manufacturing defects of the goods ;

• lack of parts of the product that are found;

• wrong goods other than ordered are sent ;

• damage to the goods during transport.

8.6.Reclamation can be claimed before DENIRA LTD to specified email

address: but at the same time consumer must

return the goods within seven days.

8.7. Return of goods in reclamation, in cases other than manufacturing

defect or damage caused during transportation is carried out under the

following conditions:

 Reserved packaging

 Reserved original packaging and label.

8.8. The return of the goods, either in withdrawal, or in reclamation can

be made in the manner and to the address indicated on stock receipt with

which the consumer has received the order.

In case that there is no office of courier company "Speedy" AD in the

locality of the User, he/she must contact the seller by phone 0888 375

627 for details of returning the goods.



9. 1. Any consumer can implement feedback with ‘DENIRA’ LTD to pose

questions, make suggestions and receive information.  

Connection can be done   to the mentioned email addresses on the site, by

phone number 0888 375 627 and through the contact form in the

‘contacts’ section.

9.2. ‘DENIRA’ LTD is the administrator of the website and accordingly an

administrator of the field of opinions and discussions and at the

performance of this function can remove any obscene and insulting

qualifications violating morality and good manners.

The present General Terms are accepted by ‘DENIRA’ LTD manager and

the last change is from 01.01.2015.