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Slim Food ® Noodles

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Konjac (Glucomannan) are soluble and fermentable highly viscous dietary fibers, originating from the sweet potato root also known as Amorphophallus Konjac or Amorphophallus rivieri growing in Asia.

Konjac Tuber has been used for centuries as herbal medicine and for preparation of traditional foods such as conjac royal jelly, tofu and Noodle.

The use of purified konjac flour as a stabilizer of food, jellying agent and additive has begun most recently.

Konjac is the best and most secure form of food with soluble dietary fibers with detoxifying effect that Nature provides for people . This is the ‘ food queen’ of 21 century and it is a healthy and dietary, low fat food.

Konjac is specified by the World Health Organization as one of ten most healthy foods for humans.(WHO). Konjac is praised as ‘blood cleaning agent’ ,‘stomach cleaner’, and ‘diseases of civilization rescue food for westerners’.